First week of Feb.

Great week and we are off and running for Feb. Super Bowl who needs a Super Bowl when your in Germany. We have painting as seen here. We have soccer or fussball as they call it.


Well I guess I will miss the Super Bowl if only for the advertisements. But AK will still have a blast chilling out painting her Kermik’s that uncle David gave her for christmas. She oh so does love a really craft to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Other than crafts and other non-essentials we did not hit on much this week. It was simply another normal week in the life of the Syracuse household. Everyone is in good health and a good mood. Madison is prepping still for the fantastic play at the school, and AK is now indoctrinated into her soccer club at Don Bosco. Hopefully she will eventually get to play in a game.

Work is well work, although it is getting really busy. Now learning German is still kicking my rear, but hopefully that will continue to advance properly as well. Time for me to sign off and finish up my relaxing day. Can’t wait until we take our trip to the Netherlands.

And oh we found out yesterday that AK could be getting a visit from her BFF Jasimine in the late April, early May time period. It doesn’t get any better than that as we push through the winter and get better for the spring.

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