Ready for a race tomorrow.

Well I just carbo loaded my 206 pound frame and am ready to rock and roll in a 5K tomorrow.  This time it is for training mainly and no testosterone must flow forth.  I will be pre-running the race that is to come up on the 18th of April.

This run is the presidential 5K for libraries at Clemson, SC.  I ran the inaugural race back in 2000 or so and haven’t really run a 5k since so this could be an exceedingly interesting test to see if I am closing in on my target of 23 mins.

Here we go again

Seems like all the time I manage to run into running issues.  But my legs are now killing me from playing basketball on monday night.  of course it will pass and we will see how I turn out in the 5k on Sat.
Hopefully I will be able to hit my target of a 25 min total time and be well on my target of 23 mins by April 18th.

Excercise oh sweet excercise

Well I broke down today and went to the running shoe store, why may you ask, very simply my shins were killing me.

After a quick look around the web I found that I have a rare stride call over supination.  Big word meaning that I land on the outside of my heal and roll my foot forward until I am pushing off of the little toe.

Better than a pronator I guess but it does stress the shin and the 2 lbs that I have lost since I started this little running experiment I am unwilling to gain back.  So off to the store I proceeded.

Wife and kidlets in tow.  Just to sit in front of this nice young lady and have her ask me to remove my shoes and socks so that she could measure my feet.  Did I mention that I was just leaving work and no one should make this request of my feet, pheweeee.   Oh well at any rate I did what I was asked and passed this test.

Then the inevitable question?  Are you training for anything.  No I am not, just thought I would buy a shoe or two.   Well in reality I am.  Training to whip the crap out of one of my fellow co-workers in a local 5k. Then I am on to bigger and better things, running a 1/2 marathon somewhere at the end of summer.  Then maybe a full marathon next spring.

This running thing has really hit a nail on the head with me.  I love it and love the quietness of it all.

Well until tomorrow.

Running and getting in shape.

Everyone needs to be in shape and I have picked up running as my in shapeness system.  To get in shape I am ramping for a run on the 18th of April.

This should be a fun run and I am targeting a time of 25 mins as successful training for this run.  For the run in May I will be gearing up to hit 23.5 mins.  Until then I will try to update my blog with my results.

My current loops are 2 miles, 3.5 miles,  and 4.23 miles.  Current times are in the 8.5 min/mile range.  So for a race I should be good.  but we will see after this weekend when I put in for a 5k on a similar course to the one that i will run on the 18th.

Beach Trip Weekend

Well, it is off to the beach for the family and I.  We are sitting here in Seagrove looking at the ocean and the rain?

 Did I say it was raining here in Florida.  Yes the sunshine state is covered with clouds and rain.  THe kids are restless and so are the parents.  We have the nephews in from California and both brother-in-laws in tow.  My father-in-law has provided a gorgeous beach house with a pool and literally just steps to the beach. 

So all in all things are going to turn out well I think.  More about the beach trip in a bit.

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