Ready for the last week of Jan.

Another week in the books and we are getting just a little closer to warm weather and our first big trip while we are in Germany. After Uncle Sam did his best this past week and whilst we await the information on our renters stateside this will be it until summer, Holland to see the Tulips in April.

Yes E. is all about some Tulips sitting around the house, popping out of the ground. I think after almost 23 years together I have finally figured out what her favorite flower is, at least until I forget it again. Tulips.. That is the ticket. We are all very excited about the trip. Also we got a bang up good deal from Hotwire for the hotel fair at about 50% off for the weekend.

So we are sitting around dreaming of the blooming flowers and the clear skys. However it isn’t all doom and gloom as we go through our daily affairs. The girls are busy with school AK has found a great soccer club here in the city and started up this past monday. M continues to make friends and to grow into a lovely young lady. Having the struggles that everyone goes through making the transition from child to young adult, but doing them with a certain grace making her father and mother very proud.

Mom and dad are slowly getting used to and reconciling the fact that within the next 8 years we will be empty nesters. We are laying the plans and the thoughts of what we will do at that point while trying our best to enjoy and appreciate everyday that we have with both our wonderful children.

For example the time here in Germany has led AK and I to cook together on Sunday. While she thinks it is a chore I think it is a wonderful opportunity for father and daughter to bond over something that she will think back on the rest of her life with great memories. We created a beer biscuit recipe, we experiment with old favorites eggs, grits, bacon. Then for dinner we will find something out of the iPad recipe book to cook.

Madison and mom take sat. nights, they tend to cook more elaborate meals. However non-the-less it is an important time as it allows mom and daughter time to bond without thinking each other has lost their minds.

So while our extended family is 1000’s of miles away our immediate family is bonding and doing things that we might have never done before without having to rely on each other so closely. Everyday we find something new around us or about us that we didn’t know before.

So here is to another great week and hoping that Holland gets here sooner rather than later but not too soon…….

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