Forgetting about this place

Talk about not getting around and keeping the blog running. I seem to only remember in the long days of winter that I have a blog, I really should do more to keep up with my thoughts and my families events.

This place needs to become more of what is going on in the Syracuse family and with the Syracuse family. So here goes my first post of 2013, 2 years removed now from my last post.


In the meantime many things have happened both good and bad. We as a family have picked up and moved to Germany for my work and training. Some days it is wonderful, other days well let’s say one, two, three, or all of us have our craziness and issues.

The biggest issue seems to be the efforts we all have at communicating. From simple everyday communications to how to explain that our heat is less than optional to the landlord. Everyday brings a new and exciting thing to learn and try.

Here is to hoping that I can keep up with my blog on a more consistent basis as we go forward with this journey. Maybe I will even open up server space for my daughters to use for their own blogs. Who knows maybe just maybe…..

We will see Madison has such a better skill at writing than I do, it is a shame that she does not write more often.

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