Fire pit or fix the guest bath.

Well today was an effort in futility and irritation. Started out with great intents on making serious strides toward my dears fire pit and patio area in the back yard. Wound up working with plumbing.

Picked my dad up around 9:30 to 10:00 and we set out on our supposedly 30mins to address a low water flow problem. Well or so we thought. Arrived at the house and promptly inspected the situation. Pulled the valve and the valve housing from the one handle faucet and we were making some headway.

Or so we thought we were making headway. Along the way we dropped one of the screws that mates to the side of the fixture into the wall so we had to fish it out. Not so bad we woud simply run up to Marion Davis and pick up a new one, fire pit here we come at 1:00. Hold on a minute said fate. Marion Davis plumbing had never seen such a fixture. Clearly it wasn’t a delta or other common brand. We would have to fish that screw head out of the wall.

Back home we go and into fishing mode. Finally after some small closet demolition we have managed to find the cap screw and are reassemblying the whole thing. To no end though the two little valves systems would now not shut off the water supply.

By now it is 3:30 or so and I have to run 30 miles to the other side of G-ville to pick up a 4.50 item repair kit. Back home by 5:15 and we are reassemblying the little bugger again. THis time we have the shut off down to a slow trickle. We are claiming success and it is time to prep the bathroom for Lucy and Ed.

Well at least there are two days left and hopefully good weather to finish the deck fire pit area.

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