Updating the blog and getting things moving forward.

To all the family members we hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

My last day at work for 2010 will be Dec. 20th, then it is off until the 3rd. I love this time of year and getting to spend it with my girls. All three of them are wonderful in their own way, from the little one to the big one.

For those that need an update everyone is doing great. M is plugging ahead at montessori and becoming a wonderful young lady. AK is at Hunt Meadows and growing like a weed. She is the little mama of the family and as inquisitive as ever. E is teaching and enjoying the kids in her class. No way that I could ever do that job, but the world needs caring intelligent teachers.

For me time keeps ticking forward and the white hairs keep appearing. Mom and dad have gotten into breeding frenchies. That takes up most of their time. Everyone is in great health over the whole family.

L got married to Ed and is living in Washington. She appears really happy which I am ever so thankful for as she deserves it. M is in Charleston still and plugging forward in her field of law. The older I get the closer that I seem to get to both of them no matter how far the distance is between us.

Well that is enough for tonight, hope everyone enjoys Christmas and is safe into the New Year.

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