Again I just haven’t found writing time

It just seems that I forget about this place from time to time. Or until I realli start thinking deep thoughts that I want to get out of my head. This time it centers around family.

You know that group of people that can make your life seem totally fulfilled and then want to rip your hair out within microseconds of each other. Yea that one.

Well my epiphany this time occurred a couple of weeks ago, I was feeling all sad about traveling and dealing with other distractions and my youngest really got to me. Not so much directly but in one of those round about plant a seed type moments. AK simply asked me to go with her and mom on her mother daughter weekend. I hAd things to work on around the house but relented and had a blast. That weekend turned around a dysmal fall for me. It is amazing what a small amount of joy can do for ones soul.

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