Lula Assembly of Praise Century

Where to even start on this wonderful event. The beginning is probably the best place.

Back in march when I was diligently trying to plan my Mitchell training rides kevin said that he has heard good things about a century in lula, ga. I thought yea right who drives to Georgia to ride a century the week before Mitchell. As time approached something was tugging at my gut. So I signed upsaying that I should do a century before Mitchell.

Turns out that really wasn’t the reason I was lead to lula to reaffirm my faith in humanity and myself. After a spring of riding with my buddies and being passed by rude motorist I had lost faith that anyone other than a cyclist could be kind and courteous. The folks of lula proved me wrong. As my buddy and I drifted last through each sag stop they cheered and chatted. As slow as we were riding we never once felt rushed or that we were inconvieng them. I felt encouraged and heartened by each comment.

As myfriend gave up the ride at the 68 mile SAG I knew that I was then the last rider on the course and I internally pushed for speed, but the kind folks of LAP pushed me more without knowing it.

This push and encouragement came at just the right time along the way. From the clown at the midpoint to the ladies at the 75 mile SAG and of course the group cheering at the 2/3 Pie stop each added something special. These are truly God’s people.

Our world could take a lesson in how to interact with people from this fabulous community. So if the desire to take a long bike ride hits you one spring, look up this ride it is well worth the travel. Praise be to god for such an awesome church and event.

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