Getting ready for Mitchell

Well Mitchell is less than one and a half weeks out. My training has been sporadic at best this year. I have completed several long rides and several short rides.

But at this point I just feel a little ill-prepared for the upcoming event. However no matter what I am going to be doing the event.

Then it is going to be off to bigger and better things. For the remainder of summer I am going to be training like a mad man for the SC 1/2 Iron event. Then the big question of whether I am ready to compete in a full Iron is going to occur.
Holdbacks from a full iron are numerous but surmountable for the most part. The biggest issue will be balancing family and training. I think it is doable but I need to get into training first to verify. My daily training will start early in the morning hours and my trainer is going to become my best friend I suspect.

Just glad that I live in sunny, SC and have the opportunity to run outside for virtually the entire year. So only once or twice a week will everyone in my house be disturbed with me making the great noise of riding the fluid trainer.

But back to the task at hand. This weekend brings Lula and the LAP century ride. Hopefully I will complete it with no big issues and will have a great wek to recover. Off to Lula and thank goodness for a supportive family in all of my craziness.

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