New Years opportunities and upcoming schedule.

Well I have finally set the schedule for 2009 and am a little scared of the actual effort that it will take.  From top to bottom it is going to take at least two training sessions per day for most weeks with a long ride or run on Sats. and Suns.

What are the events that I will work on:

April – Anderson YMCA Sprint Triathlon

May – Mt. Mitchell Challenge – Just a 100+ mile bike ride to the top of Mt. Mitchell.

June – Nothing scheduled currently but thinking about trying to find an Olympic Tri in the upstate area.

July – Tuning up and have agreeed to do the Assault on Mt. Mitchell Mt. Bike event with my bud Kevin.  This one is a maybe but we will see how I am doing at the time.

August – Nothing on the schedule just trying to tune up for the fall.

Sept. – Lets get up and ready for the Tri-the Ridge sprint triathlon.  Second time on this one and it is a training event for the big one.

Oct.  – SC Half Iron.  Holy smokes am I really going to try this one.  I guess that it will be the case.  Total time may be in the 4 to 5 hr. range, but do I really want to go here.

I think that is a yes, I really want to target the half this year.  Maybe next year will bring a full.  I have always considered it an insanity plea but there is just something about pushing your body to the limit and a full Iron would serve that purpose perfectly.  But to get going I have to get training, my Christmas bulk is up in the 210 lb range now and that just won’t do as by Oct. I need to be in the 165 lb. range.
Time to just Tri I guess this year.

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