Finally back stateside…..

Well I finally got back to the states after a two week trip that started on election day.  How did it go you may ask, well very interestingly for work while also very stressful.  I enjoy Germany but hate being away from my family and worrying about them.

There is not a lot that you can do to help your family if something were to happen so while the days are always hectic the nights and evenings can be a little lonesome.  I truly wonder at times how people in the olden days survived cross atlantic adventures and how the families ultimately made it.  

Oh well Germany ultimately had great beer and great schnitzel.  Not to say you can’t get both in the states but they just don’t seem to exist in the quantities.  

But the downside to the food is the upside of my weight.  When I left I hovered in the 191-195lb range, now I am back to the 195-200 lb range and need to be down to about 180 lbs by the time May rolls around.  So I have a total of about 15 – 20 lbs to drop in a matter of six months.  Possible yes but my favorite eating holidays approacheth.  I will try to blog my workouts so everyone can track my progress.  

Here is to getting back to a shape other than oblonged and beer gutted.

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