Sitting in Germany wondering.

Here I am on a business trip to Germany really wondering what exactly has happend to my great country.  From sea to shining sea or something like that the saying goes, but now we have elected a man that many will admit cannot even find a proper birth certificate that would put him into office.  A man who has noted ties to corrruption and militant muslims.
But not to be outdone the conservative right trotted our a hair brained gun toting soccer mom and her boss a Vietnam Veteran whose greatest claim to fame was getting shot down in a dispute that can’t even be classified as a war and then interred for five years.  So will our next republican candidate hail from Guatanomo Bay Cuba.  Who knows.

These are just the thoughts of an everyday man with way too much thinking time on his hands.  So the Germans ask are you happy with Obama, I say no.  Then so you supported McCain, I respond with no.  So what am I everyone asks.  I am a red blooded American who is quite honestly fed up with the current political system and the current politician.  I want change and the only way that I see that change happening is if we start electing Libertarians.  Yes that little know party that quite simply is what it is. Most conservatives are Libertarians at heart I must say.
The repubs just have to get by the little live and let live situation.  Yes my new party supports smaller government and troop moves back to the US.  It also doesn’t care about personal choices.  If you want to be gay then be gay, just don’t talk to me about it.

The Libertarian party is the way to go and I think that we all need to be All in and support this small party for the betterment of America and the elimination of a lot of political corruption.

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