Forgot about this place again.

Man have something under your name and occassionally you just forget about it. Well that is what happened. I finished my last race and then started into Triathlon training and totally forgot about my blog.

Well the training is going great at this point. I have decided that I will train for an Oly “Olympic Triathlon” and then race the sprint four weeks prior to the Oly.

This should allow for me to really run a good training run at the company event and to then complete an Oly which is this years goal.

Then I will start thinking about running greater distances and possibly pushing up to a 1/2 Iron.

As far as my running goes I am currently plugging along at a nice 7:30 or so pace on most of my training runs. This is allowing for me to properly gear up for a good race in Sept. Hopefully by then I will be down in the 6:45 pace or so for the race.

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