Computer back up and running

SImply to put things straight I have had one of those impossible situations. My computer ground to a complete halt and I needed to reinstall the operating system.

We have to simply reformat at times, but saving your overall work to date is very very critical to the operation. Since I was a linux Mint user I had to find all of my files and save them. The ordeal started out very nice and I put the files on my little bitty 80 gig USB backup drive.

All was going very well at that point, but things aren’t always what they appear. I then had to decide what exact operating system I was going to move too. Ubuntu had just released it’s latest version. But honestly it is becoming way to common, so the search was on.

I downloaded no less than seven seperate live CD’s and started playing. Consuming two days of my life I figured which one was the way to go. Drum roll please.

I am now running Fedora. The red hat system. It is running absolutely great. to date. Hopefully more updates are coming soon.

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