Training Runs heading up to the 18th

Well here we are going to review my training plans and training runs heading up the 18th of April’s.  Take back the night 5K.

I am planning currently on Running the following sequence:

Mon – Speed Work, Hills or Track

Tues – 3.5 miler at super slow pace

Wed – 4.23 miler at slow pace

Thur – 7 miler at normal pace

Fri – no run

Sat – 4.23 miler at super slow

Sun – 3.5 miler at slow pace

Sometime during the week my HRM watch and footpod should arrive.  At that point I will be more than ready to switch over to total HRM training and get away from this just go out and run.

Today was a great example as I ran with my sister and she complained the whole time that I was running too slow.  My cheapo reebok had me at at HR or 150 – 168, when the run should have been in the 130-140 range.  Now this monitor also will routinely throw up my resting HR at 85-90 BPM and max rates in the 200+s so I am not overly confident in the accuracy.

At any rate the speed for the run was 9:25 pace or so, but I could easily carry on a conversation and even yell at the daughter unit for over lagging on her bike while she went with us.  Tomorrow will be the true test as I do 2 miles of hill training mixed in with about 2 miles of warm-up and cool-down.

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